About Artisan Jack

~ Unique & beautiful handmade items, lovingly crafted by Jack D. Ciallella ~

About the Artist

I’ve been building, making and tinkering with things for as long as I can remember. As soon as I became I teenager, I started making things for people professionally. In the almost two decades since, I have worked on hundreds of projects in many fields and disciplines – everything from building electronics to brick-laying.  Here, you’ll find my best works — the ones that provide great joy and true challenge in achieving a magnificent end product.

By purchasing a product from me, you are not only helping a small business owner grow, you’re also helping an independent artist, a student, a fellow American (and his dog) live their dream. I truly appreciate your support as I continue to learn, grow and expand upon my abilities to bring you new and exciting works.

Jack's Custom Workshop

Several years ago, I decided I wanted to build a beautiful workshop where I could pursue my passion to create products people enjoy. Though I fully admit, there were setbacks as weather destroyed materials, I made mistakes and took risks to get jobs finished with one man. In the end, persistence paid off and the shop is wonderful and nearly finished. Hundreds of boards, thousands of feet of wire later, I’m working inside my dream shop. It still needs a set of doors though, so…

Help support the expansion of my shop, tools and business by purchasing gift cards and receive a customized gift, made just for you. E-mail me for details.

The Store & Brand

Throughout my career, I’ve branded my works with all types of names, always with a slightly ill fit. I wasn’t just a photographer nor a designer. Not being one for labels, nothing but my name would do.

But what word would appear after my name, I thought. I listened for the word people used to describe me. Again and again it was artisan. Like the perfect jacket, it felt right and stuck. The brand brings together many of my passions and provides a chance for others to own a piece of my life.