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I’m often asked if I play in a band. I wish  my persona put off an artist vibe, but people just see a grown man with hair past his shoulders and think what they will. While I don’t play in a band, there is beautiful music to be made with wood, stone, paint, metal and glass. I’d like to think my handmade and one-of -a-kind works make me a rockstar in my own way.  Own a piece of my art and I know you’ll become a big fan as well.  Learn more about me and the Artisan Jack Brand.


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The perfect gift?

Oh Heck Yeah!  Whether you know the reciepient well or casually, there is an item here for you.  Your new piece of art will be individually packed with love and care, so that when you unbox your item or gift, you’ll love the experience and you’ll love your item. Start looking here!


Custom pens starting at $69. If you like what you see, but have something a little different in mind… perhaps I could make it for you! Buffalo River Horn? Can do. Custom Paint? Yup. Favorite Cigar — try having a cigar PEN with that wrapper!  Contact Me and let’s get making.