Who I Am: Odd(ly) / Talented

A single run of white and red wines, custom made and bottled by me.

Not your typical artist -- or guy for that matter -- and Artisan Jack is mostly products from me, Jack. Good fortune, a supportive family and an endless curiosity have led me to pursue many interests. Each shares common traits: an obsession for quality, detail and beauty. I apply an artisan level of love to each of my works.

What I Create: Varies Like Wild

Specialty raw "blanks" prepared for custom projects like pens, duck calls, and knife handles

Makers often spend each day creating the same products with slight variations. This is a great way to master techniques and make a name for yourself. It pays the bills, but does so with diminished passion. Once my products are on par with other popular makers, I begin to sell the few that I passionately make, then move on once the creative spirit takes me elsewhere. I don't produce identical anything not from a printer.

Why I Make: Passion & Curiosity

Custom sign exploring new "Spirit Staining" teachniques
I share this belief, mantra, that "The essence of life is new experience" (best shared with others). I'm never more alive than on the road taking photographs. This love to explore and discover is a beautiful gift and privilege I try to take advantage of, then share with others through my works.

Where I'm At: California

My self-built workshop brings hand-crafted authenticity with far more hand than machine

I've been living and working in Southern California (San Diego Area) for almost a decade. While not every product is created here in California, the majority of the handmade items are made right here in the USA.

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