" If I have seen further than others,
it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."

- Isaac Newton

Countless people have inspired, taught or mentored me since I was very young. Writers, film-makers, artists, designers, builders and even fisherman honed my interests into talents. I cannot thank those individuals enough, or here, but below are the people I owe true thanks to for currently helping me to follow my dreams.

Jack D. Ciallella
Lead Artist & Owner

Career digital designer turned maker, Jack is the main artist for the team who creates new products and designs. Manages the overall financials and operating procedures, as well as individual sales. Does outreach, videos and other media for promotion, including live auctions.


Evan Hauschka
Shop Foreman & Production Manager

Excellent general specialist that helps produce and finish products, while also creating new designs. Manages, monitors and maintains the machines. Ensures shop is clean, safe and secure. Improves our production processes and quite literally helps me with everything.

Marc Ubaldi

Web Development & IT Support

An invaluable part of the team, Marc serves as an important role in keeping the website online and working. He also assists in a technical support role as well as being a long-time friend. He is a successful freelance web engineer that works with major online retailers.

Jake Bishop

Owner, Oak Brook Wood Turning Supply

A trusted source of educational and business information, Jake has been helping us grow since day 1. He provides access to quality raw materials and links to the best vendors. He will guide us through building our future shop. Visit him at: Oak Brook Wood Turning Supply

    Current Guests Artists Include:

  • >  Jacob Garvin || Dusty Diamond Glass

  • >  Chris Bickett || Chris B. Glass Art

  • >  Linda Ronsick || Lindar Boro Glass Wear

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