Fly Fishing Pen in Brown Mallee Burl (Pewter)

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The Pen:
A pen that will wow any fly fisherman and capture the essence of the sport they love. Authentic details abound; the pen top features a traditional open spooled fly fishing reel with detailed fly line on the spool. Below the reel is a cast, engraved trout that’s caught and fighting in the fly line. The pen clip is a fly fishing rod aligned below the trout to replicate the fish fighting in the line and capture the feel of the fight as you reel the trout in. Finally, the pen tip features a beautiful 360-degree outdoors scene of a lone fisherman casting his line in front of an intricately detailed mountain backdrop.

The Species:
The term mallee refers to a species’ general growth form (known as a “habit” in biology). Usually smaller and shorter than trees, mallees grow multiple smaller-diameter stems from a common root system. Brown Mallee doesn’t refer to a specific tree of the same name, but rather describes burl pieces from various Eucalyptus species where the wood itself is brown in color. These burls are extremely beautiful and prized for small wood turnings like pens.

Metal Finish:
Antique Pewter

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The Process:
The hand selected pieces for this pen were turned by Jack D. Ciallella on a lathe. They were sanded through twelve grits of sanding until perfectly smooth. A final 10-coat finish of cyanoacrolate (”CA” Superglue) was applied, then buffed until shining beautifully. This method of finishing gives your pens the most durable exterior possible and a glisten that will last for many years.

Includes Pen Box & Two Refills.


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