Long Wave Pencil in Shoreline Acrylic & Mallee Burl

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The Pencil:
One long, uninterrupted handle that shows the grain flow through from tip to tail. The click action is quick and solid, and the 10K gold plating really sets off your turning blank nicely. This piece has ocean colors and swirls. Like waves lapping up against a woody shoreline.

The Species:
The term mallee refers to a species’ general growth form (known as a “habit” in biology). Usually smaller and shorter than trees, mallees grow multiple smaller-diameter stems from a common root system. Brown Mallee doesn’t refer to a specific tree of the same name, but rather describes burl pieces from various Eucalyptus species where the wood itself is brown in color. These burls are extremely beautiful and prized for small wood turnings like pens.

Blank cast by American Artist: Steve Sprague

Metal Finish:
10K Gold

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The Process:
The hand selected pieces for this pen were turned by Jack D. Ciallella on a lathe. They were sanded through twelve grits of sandpaper until perfectly smooth. A final seven coat finish of cyanoacrolate (”CA” Superglue) was applied, then buffed until shining beautifully. This method of finishing gives your pens the most durable exterior possible and a glisten that will last for many years.