Pioneer Twist Pen in Curly Spalted Hackberry

$ 49.00

The Pen:
This pen was created using 24K gold plated hardware from the pioneer pen series. Curling (appearing as water ripples perpendicular to the grain) outlines look like etchings along a two-tone palette of light and muddled browns. Strong figure in every direction.

The Species:
Heartwood is light brown to gray. Wide sapwood is a contrasting light yellow. Susceptible to blue-gray fungal staining. Hackberry’s first commercial role was as hoops for barrels because of the wood’s toughness and flexibility. Now, though, the wood becomes kitchen cabinets, inexpensive furniture and beautiful pens and boxes. The spalting occurred from lying on the ground after it was felled and creates a completely unique pattern in the wood.

Metal Finish:
24K Gold

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The Process:
The hand selected pieces for this pen were turned by Jack D. Ciallella on a lathe. They were sanded through twelve grits of sandpaper until perfectly smooth. A final seven coat finish of cyanoacrolate (”CA” Superglue) was applied, then buffed until shining beautifully. This method of finishing gives your pens the most durable exterior possible and a glisten that will last for many years.