Vertex Click Pen in Black-Matrix Turquoise

$ 89.00

The Pen:
The rugged, ready for anything hex shaped pen won’t have trouble surviving any tough use. It’s refined, faceted, hexagonal nuts and bolts design will surely impress any tool and industrial lover. Includes a super quiet, smooth acting click mechanism. Easy to make with a single tube.

The Material:
Tru-Stone is manufactured from approximately 85% natural stone ore that has been pulverized to a powder and then mixed with pigments and resin. It is then compressed into blocks and cut to size. The finished product is a material that resembles the natural stone but can be turned and machined with standard wood tools. Despite the stone, this pen is quite lightweight and comfortable in hand.

Metal Finish:

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The Process:
The hand selected pieces for this pen were turned by Jack D. Ciallella on a lathe. They were sanded through twelve grits of sanding until perfectly smooth, then buffed until shining beautifully.

Includes Pen Box & Two Refills