Vesper Click Pen in Two-Tone Wood

$ 34.95

The Pen:
The sleek and graceful lines of the Vesper are clean and modern. The elongated tip is has a nice angle for writing.  Slightly thicker and shorter than many other pens, Uses smooth writing Parker ball point refill. Very dark black on one side, nicely split with a mid-dark brown on the opposing side.

The Species:
To Be Determined.

Hardware Finish:

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The Process:
The hand selected materials for this item were first cut and drilled, then turned on a lathe by me, Jack. Sanding is completed through many grits until the piece is perfectly smooth to the touch. Next, up to 10 finish coats of cyanoacrolate (”CA” Superglue) are applied by hand, one at a time. The finish is buffed with micromesh pads, then shined with polishing compound until the surface has a glass-like appearance.

This method, the most difficult of techniques, provides your purchase with the most durable exterior possible, and a beautifully reflective surface that resists the elements and will last for many years.

Includes Pen Box & Two Refills