Wooden Bowl in Red Gum Euclyptus

$ 19.00


The Bowl:
One of the first two bowls I’ve made from a wild cut tree. First cut and drilled, then turned on a lathe by me, Jack. Sanding was completed through many grits until the piece is perfectly smooth to the touch. It’s a good bowl, but not perfect. See “More About…” at the bottom of the page for full details.

The Species:
Although red gum is native to Australia and first described being grown in Naples, Italiy, it was brought to Southern California for the purpose of railroad ties. This huge tree has a thick trunk and skinny branches with multicoloured bark, mixing grey, off-white and brown. The wood is brilliant red (hence the name red gum) and oozes red sap when cut. Colors can range from pale pink to almost black.

This tree was knocked down by a storm in Southern California near my house. I cut the base of the tree with a chainsaw, then cut blocks down in my workshop, with one of the nicest being used it to make this bowl.

Size: ~ 4″ Diameter

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The Process:
Bowl turning is new to me. It’s a lot like pen making, but because the original block is so large and still heavy from retaining moisture from the original tree… it presents its own set of challenges. That said, this bowl isn’t “show quality” by any means. Defects are displayed in photos. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. The bowl has 5 small drill marks on the inside. They do not go through the bowl, but areĀ  ~1/4″ deep.
  2. The foot has a surrounding pattern of triangular marks from the chuck. It looks neat, but is not uniform.
  3. The bottom has a center divot.