"Life Is Fine" Wall Art

  • "Life Is Fine" Wall Art
  • "Life Is Fine" Wall Art
  • "Life Is Fine" Wall Art
  • "Life Is Fine" Wall Art

"Life Is Fine" Wall Art


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Taken: March 5th, 2011 – 4:53pm

64° – cooling evening air with warmth from large rocks underfoot. Long, thin, slow moving cloud moving out from the mountains, highlighted by the setting sun. A moment so serene, the flocks of birds fly silently as they moved westward. Occasionally you would hear a thunderous flapping of wings as a group approached, even at long distances.

Around sunset, I began to notice something I had never really experienced before. My skin, along with every pale object for ten miles around, had begun to glow a color a hazy pink, purple or orange.

The sun had fallen behind the western mountain range and any lasting light beyond it was softly reflecting off the ground and atmosphere to our side.

To add to the experience, the flat, dark sea water reflected this ambient light creating one of the softest, warmest locations I have photographed.

• 1.5″ Deep wooden stretcher bars
• Museum quality canvas
• Printed using only professional Canon professional equipment.
• Coated with a protective, scratch-resistant UV laminate.
• Made in North America.
• Hand-stretched over wood.

Shipping Cost: $12.95 flat rate per order (not per item)

Production Time: 3-7 business days
Shipping Time: 5-7 business days

Canvas Material:
Museum Quality, archival-certified and OBA free, our 20.5mil bright white, consistent poly-cotton blend matte canvas features an acid-free, neutral pH coating without any additives or agents. Our canvas prints are designed to last well over 100 years, guaranteeing you’ll treasure your prints for a lifetime.

Size Chart:
The example below illustrates the rough size of each print.


The majority of this item was made, assembled and finished by hand.

Uniquely Unique

Natural materials and individual artists means a truly one-of-a-kind work of art.

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