Nouveau Sceptre Pen in Emerald Ice & Ironwood Burl

  • Nouveau Sceptre Pen in Emerald Ice & Ironwood Burl

Nouveau Sceptre Pen in Emerald Ice & Ironwood Burl


*** Additional Photos Coming Soon, Pen on Local Display – Still Available for Purchase ***

The Pen:
Designed by expert pen designer Daniel Broadwell. Inspired by early artworks. This pen comes to life with custom casted 3-D Art Nouveau design components and premium plating. Includes a smooth writing Parker style refill. The Rhodium and Titanium Gold finish on this pen is a cut above the rest, using higher quality metals and better rack plating processes. These metals are tougher than standard finishes, but also produces greater visual depth and beauty.

The Material (Wood):
Desert Ironwood is perhaps one of the most highly-regarding of all woods in knife-making, with its density, stability, and grain patterns and colors creating a unique combination of characteristics that’s ideal for decorative handles. It’s also favored for carving by the indigenous Seri people now living in the state of Sonora in Mexico.

The Material (Resin):
These otherwise too small to use, these cut off pieces are valuable hardwood burls are placed into a colorful mix of swirling Alumilite resins. Inlace Acrylester (resin) is a semi-translucent plastic that exhibits a remarkable iridescent shimmer. It is available in a huge variety of colors, each with a unique pearlescent pattern and amazing visual depth.

Hardware Finish:
Titanium Gold & Rhodium

The Process:
The hand selected materials for this item were first cut and drilled, then turned on a lathe by me, Jack. Sanding is completed through several grits until the piece is smooth to the touch. Next, up to 10 finish coats of cyanoacrolate (”CA” Superglue) are applied by hand, one at a time. The finish is buffed with a series of micromesh pads, then shined with polishing compound until the surface has a glass-like appearance. A final rub on the buffing wheel adds depth and final clarity.

This method, the most difficult and intensive technique, provides your purchase with the most durable exterior possible, and a beautifully reflective surface that resists the elements and will last for many years.

Includes Pen Box & Two Refills.


The majority of this item was made, assembled and finished by hand.

Uniquely Unique

Natural materials and individual artists means a truly one-of-a-kind work of art.

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