Seven Miles to Freedom

  • Seven Miles to Freedom
  • Seven Miles to Freedom
  • Seven Miles to Freedom

Seven Miles to Freedom


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January 13th, 2008 – 2:35pm
Mid 70's°F in Key West, Florida

I'm traveling with my girlfriend and business partner. We're on the hunt for great photographs and some adventure. It's windy. The water has chop and the opaque color comes from the churn. Gorgeous blues everywhere, including the bridge. Small puffy clouds on the horizon. It rained a little during the day -- it always does here. Now it's warm and sunny, as is the tradition with the afternoon rains.

She suggests we stop and find the right place. This bridge goes on for seven straight miles, almost entirely over the water. There's not many other places to stop once you get rolling. The entire area is littered with small islands clumped together and with another off in the distance. There are fish here. And palm trees and birds -- all kinds of life are here with us. And we feel alive. Young lovers on an adventure. Looking ahead and knowing just 7 more miles until freedom.

• 1.5″ Deep wooden stretcher bars
• Museum quality canvas
• Printed using only professional Canon professional equipment.
• Coated with a protective, scratch-resistant UV laminate.
• Made in North America.
• Hand-stretched over wood.

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Canvas Material:
Museum Quality, archival-certified and OBA free, our 20.5mil bright white, consistent poly-cotton blend matte canvas features an acid-free, neutral pH coating without any additives or agents. Our canvas prints are designed to last well over 100 years, guaranteeing you’ll treasure your prints for a lifetime.

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The majority of this item was made, assembled and finished by hand.

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